Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 is hind sight.

 For many 2020 was terrible. We were some of the fortunate ones. All our races took place. Brand new racers came out along with experienced racers from other tracks. Team AKZ from Poland came to Shelbyville. They inspired the whole event with enthusiasm. We had, arguably, one of the best Speedway events ever in the Tennessee Valley. 

The Tennessee National Raceway joined the Celebration of Speed for an 'epic' event. A beautiful 3/8 mile perfect track. Much of the Country was still shut down, so the riders came to Tennessee. 

We loaded up and went to Northern California for the Youth Speedway National Championships. A great trip that should definitely happen again. 

The year ended with the USA Speedway All Stars and the Boswell's Hooligan State Championship at Calsonic Arena. First time Live stream, went very well.  

It was a very good year for the Celebration of Speed and we look forward to 2021. We look forward to the Tennessee races and the return of some Cherokee, NC racing. What makes the Celebration of Speed series successful is you. You the volunteer, the racer, the sponsor, the track owners and the facility managers. So many friends joined us to create good times. 

Happy New Year to all of you

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